Why some find the GPLv3 unacceptable

"Totally bogus dude" gets my points for insight on why the GPLv3 is not going down well in some circles. My take: it's a very deliberate effort by the FSF to tip the balance of copyright law from the copyright holder towards the user. (Obviously this balance can only be affected to the extent that the GPLv3 applies to a work.)

All copyright law is a balance, and recent changes in copyright law in Australia have mirrored the U.S. DMCA's approach of tipping the copyright balance in favour of the copyright holder. Because the FSF have gone the opposite direction, it is natural that they will disenchant people and companies whose principal business relies on their copyright holdings.

For my mind, there are very few companies or persons who are wholly or even predominantly producers of copyrighted or patented works. Nearly everyone uses technology every day that they have had no hand in producing. (This occurs even if they are major producers of technology.) Thus it is in everyone's benefit to tip the balance towards "consumers" of copyrighted works, whereas it is in the interests of a select few to tip the balance towards producer. I for one am glad that someone is thinking of users first, and that makes me happy to see the arrival of GPLv3.