New site

After maintaining a WordPress-based site for some years, I've decided it's time to try something that requires a little less maintenance, and hopefully performs much better. After looking at a few options, I landed on Pelican, a python-based static site generator. It's a bit like ghost or hugo (in fact, this theme is ported from one of ghost's themes), but I'm much more comfortable with its AGPLv3 license, and with debugging and customising something written in python.

The comment system was little-used and hasn't been moved across; if you need to comment, feel free to contact me, or just yell into the void on your preferred social media platform. 😃

Most of the content imported with relatively few problems. I've manually fixed a number of issues, and removed some pages which weren't worth fixing, but there might still be some problems (especially missing images) floating around. Please let me know if you find anything amiss.