Security Maxims presentation

This presentation, recently linked on Bruce Schneier's blog is so profound it needs plugging at every opportunity: From Roger Johnston, funny -- and all too true -- stuff. [Bruce Schneier's Crypto-gram]

Passwords and more!

The latest Ouch! newsletter from SANS has some great advice for end-users about password selection. If only every computer user read this newsletter regularly, the world would be a much safer place in which to compute!Some other useful related...

More on living Microsoft free!

IT Toolbox has a great little summary of the experiences of Mike Kavis, a guy who's been living Microsoft free in an all Microsoft shop - at work! It all started from an "eat your own dog food" challenge (something i did with my wife which...

Some useful security resources

CSO Magazine recently released a bunch of really useful security resources. Check them out: 10 essential (and free!) security downloads for Windows Five free penetration testing tools Five steps to successful and cost-effective penetration testing

Why some find the GPLv3 unacceptable

"Totally bogus dude" gets my points for insight on why the GPLv3 is not going down well in some circles. My take: it's a very deliberate effort by the FSF to tip the balance of copyright law from the copyright holder towards the user. (Obviously...